Wednesday, February 24, 2021


My son and I were driving by the apartment complex on the corner of Orangeburg and South Rhett when we saw a guy stagger out of an apartment and get into a car. Instead of backing out he put the car in drive and ran into the fire hydrant on the corner.
We pulled over to see if he would leave the scene so we could call NCPD.
To our entertainment after backing up, he got out the car and with his rear end on the hydrant, using his legs he tried to straighten up the bent hydrant which was leaking pretty bad.
After one final push he not only moved it, HE BROKE IT COMPLETELY OFF.
The resulting water pressure sent him 8-10 feet in the air and deposited him on the hood of his own car. 
Angry and not hurt he climbed behind the wheel and drove his car onto the 20 foot high geyser that pomptly lifted his front wheel drive car a foot off the ground and immediately tore off his hood.
Undaunted he fought the high pressure water that sprayed out from under the car in a vain attempt to push what had to be the cleanest undercarriage and engine in Northchuck off old faithful. The pressure was so great that it knocked him down several times and blew off his shirt and wrapped his pants  around one ankle, leaving him in boxers and Nike's when the police arrived.
Only In North Charleston :)

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