Sunday, February 21, 2021


In the eighties I worked for the Kiawah Island Recreation Dept. One year several interns who were working there for the season rented the old Styles Point Plantation house on James Island. I spent a lot of time out there and became friends with all the guys and their girlfriends. I was told this by the young man who slept in the third floor bedroom. One rainy night both of his room mates stayed over at their girlfriends so he made it an early night. He fell asleep with the French doors to the second floor walk around veranda open as he always did. Around 3am he was awakened to the sound of someone closing all the doors on the his floor. Half asleep he saw a young lady walk into his room and gently pull the doors too. Thinking it was his girlfriend he rolled over and went back to sleep, and sure enough a few moment later the young lady climbed into bed with him.

He awoke around 7am to smell of bacon frying and made his way down to the first floor kitchen and found his young lady fixing breakfast. He kissed her on the cheek and ad thanked her for closing the French doors last night. His girl looked at him strangely and said she had to work over at the hospital and had just arrived to fix breakfast.

Seems that one of the ladies of the house had lost a child or two and that the 3rd floor had been the children's floor. Out of grief she had hung herself from the ceiling of the third floor'

Happy Halloween Y'all

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