Sunday, February 21, 2021


Ode to a Mater

You grew up on a farm
So close to the sea 
That the dew brought salt
That made you tasty

From the home of your fathers, father before
Shipped to the world & my corner Store
Big boys, better boys or ones with beef hearts
Grown on Johns Island, no better place to start

Friend to the Dukes & homemade baked bread
As bacon and letuce dance in my head.
You're the King of the salad this much is true
with cucumbers, onions & cheese that is Bleu.

Whether topping Alfredo when visiting Rome
Or spicey fried green ones, that taste just like home.
Sauces & Stews the better you make
Salt, pepper and garlic sliced next to a steak

Both pauper & wealthy bow down to your charm
As east coast and west come to your farm
You make great food better wherever you roam
While proudly declaring Charlestons your home

Breakfast & lunch, served with sweet tea
On Grouper or shrimp and served by the sea
No finer companion to grilled chicken I know
Than johns finest creation dressed for the show

I'll carry you with me, wherever I go
Then write you love letters to tell the world so
If Summer is coming and the days grow long
Red fruit from heaven will soon be be my song

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