Sunday, February 21, 2021


Ways to tell if a person really is from South Carolina 
 !. They wave hello  and say good morning to perfect strangers
 2. We consider Boiled Peanuts a food group
 3. If they not only give you directions but explain the historical significance of where you are now AND where your going.
 4. We know how to drive in a rainstorm.
 5. South Carolinians know the difference Y'all and All Y'all
 6, If all they need for a dinner of boiled crab is a kite string and a rotten piece of chicken.
 7. We all know that the REAL Carolina is South Carolina(Even us Clemson Fans) and the colors for Carolina Are Garnet and Black Not Babycakes Blue
 8. Your from here if the first baby food you had was Shrimp and Grits.
 9. If we are ever cut, our blood would be 1/3 Pluff Mud
 10. We know that REAL BBQ comes with a mustard sauce.
 More to Come: Pease add on

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