Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Eve

     Well here we are on the verge of another Christmas Eve. As we look back on another year that seemed to once again be over almost before it had a chance to begin. Its easy to look to the future and just let the past slide from our thoughts. Another in a long line of chapters that make up the universal book of history that is our lives story.
     On moments like this, It's important for us to stop for just a few minutes and take this time that we hold so precious and use it to file away the reflections of all the things, both good and bad that we have had the good fortune to have witnessed as we continued our journey toward destiny over these last few months. 
      Stop just long enough on life's highway and make a memory of how we got here, of those we were blessed to have met, and especially of those whose journey ended all too soon.
      Regardless of our religion,our politics or our personal beliefs, remember that for the past 12 months, despite all our differences, we all share the same wishes and dreams of love and hope and health for our family and friends. 
     Merry Christmas to all my Facebook friends and family. My wish for all of you is that maybe, just maybe with a little luck . We will all be blessed to find ourselves right here once again, next Christmas Eve. With the same opportunity to stop and make a memory out of what I know for you will be a happy and joyous 2013.

R. Sweat