Sunday, March 30, 2014


     Its funny that as you get older, you start to measure time by different standards. When your a kid your whole world evolves around Christmas and your birthdays, When your in school Memorial day and Labor day mark the end of another school year and the beginning of Summer and Freedom. Now I see time in the turn of Dogwoods and the color of Marsh Grass as the seasons come and go with the certainty of a tides ebb and flow, but throughout my life one constant that I could always set my clock by was Baseball.
     I know its silly for a grown man to measure his entire lifes progress by something as silly as a Game played by kids. But its exactly that reason.
I'm not going to start quoting Field of Dreams, though after watching that movie over 100 times, It's permanently ingrained in my psyche.
No, I'm saying Baseball is a game played by Kids, and Men who never forgot what it was like to be a Kid. Look into the eyes of any player standing at that podium at Cooperstown and you can still see that 6 year old boy standing at the plate or on the pitchers mound for the first time. Time stands still. Baseball is a game of eternal youth, a clock reset every April with an umpires call of "Batter Up". "Green grass and the smells of a Ball Park are an elixir that can cleanse the mind and sooth the soul", Babe Ruth.
Time to Listen to the words of the Babe in all of us,,,,,,, I think its time to play catch and be young for just a little while longer,,,,, Play Ball Y'all
R. Sweat