Sunday, February 21, 2021


A Prayer for Parents
Always answer a child's frown with a smile,  a tear with hug, and their fear with understanding.  This will one day help them smile at the world,  work through life's pain and see truths through uncertain times.

Help them to listen but not follow, to be the writer of their own lives story. Expect from themselves and not from others and they'll never be disappointed. Never give up their choices and freedoms to others, once lost they can never be regained.

Teach them to speak softly when those around them are loud, because people will always come close to hear a whisper and truths whispered are not soon forgotten.

Explain why kids grow wise who live not in houses, but in homes. Houses are cold,hollow and empty, homes are filled with warmth and love and everyone needs a home.

Tell them to build and not destroy, anyone can tear down, builders don't wait for luck they make it. Never worry about what someone else has, only what you can do to make yourself better. Build the best life you can.

                                                R. Sweat

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