Friday, May 8, 2015

Baseball in my Soul

I Love Baseball. 
Baseball makes you feel young.
Everyone is 12 years old again when they're watching a game.
Food taste better, time moves slower and regardless of the score, there is always another game tomorrow. 
Every time I watch a game with my son, I find myself teaching him the finer points of the game and I swear I can hear my dad's voice whispering them to me, as he once did to me.
In baseball our hero's are forever young and always Ready to give us one more memory.
In baseball our ever expanding family can be defined by cap one wears or our teams logo on the rear window of our car.
Baseball defies time and can't be constrained by a clock. We all know when the first pitch will be thrown, but baseball is timeless both literally and figuratively and so too are our memories of our time spent together. 

Baseball sends us back to a time when the world was large and our hero's on the field were second only to the hero's who were our fathers.
The ones who taught us to throw and hit and honor a game that tied us all, not only to the past and each other, but to the future too. If there is only one truth to be found in this ever evolving world, then that truth is that the game does not change, it adapts, but its the same game played by "Shoeless Joe". The same wooden bat used by "Babe" Ruth, the same bases ran by Jackie Robinson, and the same ball thrown by Nolan Ryan. The bases are still 90 feet apart and even after 150 years the runner and the catchers throw, still seem to always arrive at second base at the exact same second.
I always thought that there was something wonderfully serendipitous in the theme of both baseball and life, that the goal of of both was to make it home safely while committing as few eras as is humanly possible. God I love Baseball.
R. Sweat