Sunday, February 21, 2021


Fall drifted in, in the middle of the night and wisped into my room
It slipped past Summer in a breeze, under a cool November moon
As thoughts of fun and Summer sun slowy fade into the haze
The tides of June and hot August swoons, that left us in a daze

The season called, as it always does, and she came to town again
With oyster roast, along the coast and our rivals football games
She lights the nights with warm bon fires, when friends return to town
Where tales are told of promises bold, that they'll always be around

She slowly turns the world to brown as she whispers it to sleep
Till Spring returns, and passions burn, with promises to keep
Winters just a day of dread, just one more cold dark night
But Fall just came into my room and shes here until first light

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