Sunday, February 21, 2021


Just got a call(Chicago #)
From a frantic man, who for reasons unknown to me, called a bicycle rental shop to ask if I knew what kind of "cat sized rat" would eat his garbage on his deck at Kiawah.
After a lengthy description, I told him that his house guest were harmless opossums.
This didn't have the calming effect that I had hoped. He couldn't believe that Kiawah let wild animals "run around, without a leash".
He asked me if I knew what to do with them, and I couldn't resist.... I told him, they make a fine stew with mustard greens and new potatoes, but if he didn't want to cook them himself, he could bring them to the Jasmine Porch at the Sanctuary and they would clean and cook them for them...
I began to tell him that whoever got the left hind foot was a sign of good luck......
Thats about when he hung up.....
Sometimes phones are fun.LOL

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