Saturday, July 20, 2013

Poetry/ The Rain

He sat there and watched the storm gathering over the water.
Cicadas slowly faded away only to be replaced by the rhythmic croaking, of bullfrogs sending up their. prayer for rain.

The wind was the first to arrive, bringing in its cooling breeze, the first scent of the of the downpour to come and causing the boats to thump against the dock.
Lightning splits the sky far out into the whitecaps, as the echo of thunder rolled across the water and through his soul.

Then it was here, first just a few heavy. drops that made the tin roof rattle with that metalic tune he knew so well. He tilted his back as the rain fell faster . He had no thoughts of going inside to the protection of the tin roof, No today he leaned back in his chair and let the storm have its way with him, cool him,cleanse him, revive him, after that's why he had come to sit beside the water.

R. Sweat