Sunday, February 21, 2021


Good morning Ya'll! !!
I know that what I am posting won't change the price of gas or give you back any of that time you wasted on the beach when you were younger, but I thought I would employ a little kaos theory this fine November  morning, just to see where the butterfly might leads us.
I woke up this morning to a PERFECT and I mean PERFECT Carolina Fall day. Sipping  on what might be the worlds best cup of coffee I started thinking about how nondescript actions and words bring consequences for good or bad to people we might never meet. So today I am sending out nothing but good news, best wishes and extending unrequited acts of kindness to everyone I interact with  today in hopes that old Mr. Kaos and his nondescript  butterfly's of infinate possibilities will flap their wings hard enough that the cause and effect on the  reality that they generate will work its way into releaving a little pain today in somebody's world.
Breath in, Breath out, Move on
R . Sweat

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