Sunday, February 21, 2021


Ever notice that the closer you get to the Coast, the less your troubles seem to weigh on your mind? Its as if sea breeze, salt air and the sound of the approaching surf are able to manifest some kind of magical effect on the very gravity  that binds us to this world and our woes. We shed our skin of worry, work and responsibility and for a while we are reborn into this world of ocean breezes and sand.  Lighter, freer and full of the boundless hope that every day can be just like this one. For awhile the only burden that we carry is that we know, that at some point we're going to have to re-enter our old selves and assume the weight of our destiny. But for now my toes are in the sand and my eyes on nothing more pressing than the rising tide line. Gravity has been replaced by the buoyancy of an old inner tube that keeps calling my name and the tart goodness of the wedge of lime that keep dancing around the neck of my ice cold Corona. 
Somewhere near the Coast,
R. Sweat

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