Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Dogwoods Promise

     The Dogwood blooms told a tale of Spring. Their delicate flowers changing each day from translucent green to bright white. They looked to the warming March skies. Giving notice and a promise of renewal all across the South.
She had braced herself in the fall chill and kept her beauty hidden in her most stark form. Refusing to share her secret as Winter ravaged her naked limbs through the long cold nights, she saved herself for Spring.

March found her wanting, as her buds strained to join the azaleas and babies breath who's flowers already covered the south, bringing color to the grey gardens and roadsides alike.Vanquishing the cold                                       dark monochromatic world back to winter and memory.

Soon the dogwood would be the home for blue jays and cardinals returning to mate and renew their lives. Her soft green leaves would return to catch the soft rain and in Summer with a family of squirrels living in her branches she would fulfill her quest of hope and store the life that Summer brings in the roots of her soul.
A promise to the world once more that through our bleakest chill, she would return, when in our need as we look for signs and wisdom in the seasons and this land we love. When March comes around again and the dogwoods begin to bloom, renewing our dreams and hope .

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