Friday, March 15, 2013

Poetry/ Sound of Summer

Summer came to me through an open window last night.
From somewhere wind chimes played softly on the warm summer breeze,
As magnolias and wisteria sang a southern duet to the August moon.
In the distance a thunderstorm lent it's rumbling baseline to the tune.
It was a sound of Summer.

My wifes soft laughter filtered in from the kitchen and it made me smile,
Her fresh blackberry cobbler and sweet tea sat cooling on the counter,
Ice crushed as my son cranked the handle on the ancient ice cream churn.
A baseball game played faintly on a radio almost as old as the game itself.
It was the sound of love.

Summer came to me through an open window last night as seagulls took to flight,
it raced the moonlit waves past sand dunes to hammocks strung on palmetto's.
Past bonfires where young couples walk barefoot on the sand for their first time, as the waves pounded out a rhythm to the beat of their hearts.
It was the sound of forever.

A. Sweat/R. Sweat


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