Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Pluff Mud up to your knees as your cast net fans out across a small tidal creek.
People who still look you in the eyes as they say good morning, yes m'am, or thank you with a smile.
Sound of voices joined song from the countless small churches in the early cool of a Sunday morning.
Cobble stones & Fire ants, here by accident from the bellies of ships, they remind us to watch our step.
Smell of Magnolia,Gardenia, and Sea Salt mixed with over 300 years of history.
Sand on your skin after a day at the beach, it follows you home, a reminder of the day, like a warm memory.
Oyster roast with friends under a the stars only 100 yards from where they were growing just an hour ago.
Clemson-Carolina with 80,000 plus of our best friends and neighbors on a perfect Saturday in November.
Watching your kids orange cork bob on familiar water of lake Marion as the sun slides from the sky.
Being a local at a downtown restaurant and feeling sad for everyone who cant just walk home.
Sitting at a draw bridge with the windows down and watching sailboats head north or south with the season.
Referencing time and measuring our lives in respect to Hurricanes,,,ie. before Hugo, after Floyd.
Endless days when you've lost your shoes, left your watch and walk around smiling and you don't even know why.
Family, Friends,Future,Food,Fun,,,,,we are  Fortunate.

R. Sweat

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