Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let it Snow, Let it Snow. Let it Snow

     Seeing all the snow up north reminds me that I have seen snow 8 times in my life, that is 7 times too many,,,,,, the other time was a hoot.(Southern for a damn fun time). In 1980 we had a significant snowfall for Charleston. I think it was about 6 inches and like we do here, the roads were closed for traffic and all businesses closed for the foreseeable future.
      I had just bought a Toyota 4x4(first one in Charleston) and promptly put on the prerequisite lift kit and huge mud tires. It just seemed like a sign from above. As the snow came down we spent the day in the old JM Fields parking lot pulling each other on an old inner tube that I used at the lake in the summer,,,,So much fun!!! Then it was off to David Lesters house for a party that lasted into the morning hours. I left to drive a friend(Not named to protect the not so innocent) home and on the way while listening to the radio we herd that the Cooper River Bridge was impassible, So we stopped and bought a six pack and decided to find out if it was true. We were surprised when we got there that there were no police around, so without hesitation we sat off to visit Mt. Pleasant. Whether it was the cold, the party or the six pack but we forgot to lock the hubs, so you couldn't use the 4 wheel drive. So in a snow storm we spun our way up and slip slided our way into Hungrneck at 2AM. With the hubs now locked we made the return trip up and over the humps of the old bridge in half the time. Once down on the other side, adrenaline flowing we decided to prove it wasn't a fluke, so we turned around and did it again...,,Yep it was impassable.
      For a nightcap we came across a guy with a brand new brown 280ZX Nissan who had managed somehow to lose control of his car and slide it about 150 feet off Attaway where it sat stretched catty cornered across the rail road tracks. Being a good southerner I stopped to help, being a cash strapped North Chucker I told him we would pull him back on the road for $100.00. He begged, pleaded, cursed, and eventually cried while we sat on the tailgate drinking the last of the beer. After about 30-45 minutes the tracks began to talk and we could hear the approach of a train. This seemed to accelerate the negotiations and eventually through late night diplomacy we came to an understanding. $125.00 and a bottle of jack that he had in the back seat. In 5 minutes we had a chain on him and both of us were on our way. Maybe snow isnt so bad after all,,,,,Let it snow,Let it snow. Let it snow.......Merry Christmas Y'all

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