Thursday, December 12, 2013

Poetry/In My Dreams, I Fell Asleep

In my dream last night, I fell asleep and dreamed a dream of dreams
To places where the dark night tide, rides trails of bright moon beams
I've run away and closed the door and shut the world away,
Where crescent light, guides my sight, she comes to me to say.
I haunt the dreams, you dream each night, when all your world is dark,
and whisper sweetly, words you love, one day we;ll never part.
Warm breezes blows across her form, she gently starts to sway,
Come dance our dance, with me this night, and in my arms you'll stay

We start to move as lovers do, when all the world is right,
When time stands still, and lessons wills, that test your very might
Don't look away, I begged of her, don't let sorrow fills your eyes,
For if you do, I swear to you, my soul will surely die.
We'll run away and lock the doors and shut the world away
Where crescent light, guides my sight, I promise you'll I'll stay
If dreams are dreams you dream at night, under summer skies serene
Then bright sunlight is the rising tide, that vanquishes your Queen
She fades away into the dawn, she sings her final song
I'll wait for you, I promise you. My love it won't be long

R. Sweat

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