Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Charleston in Bloom

Taken At My Bike Shop
     The Lowcountry has just exploded once again in another breath taking world of color. Dogwoods, Azaleas, Babies Breath, Wisteria have turned the city into an artist's pallet that Monet would have been proud to have had. Set to a canvas of green grass, both on the ground and in the Pluff Mud Salt Marshes that have returned to life after a Winter spent in hiding. All framed by the picture perfect elegance of our beaches and the endless blue hues of the ocean beyond.

      It's like taking a beautiful Southern woman and dressing her head to toe in the most unique of natures head turning floral fashions. Accented by the elegance and grace that her homes so effortlessly exude. Her entourage is composed of the Plantations that were her history and Charlestons gentile                                                     folk that are her future.
I feel sorry for anyone not blessed enough to be here and see Charleston as she steals the show and waltzes her ways down the  southern coastal runway that is Spring In the Carolina's.

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