Friday, August 16, 2013

Poetry/On Nights Like This

    On nights like this the moon reaches for us, searches for us, ever making us feel the center of our universe and completely alone in it, at the same time. Like a far off spotlight it forever makes us feel as if our life's are on center stage in our own most personal play with the whole world as an audience.
    On nights like this we bathe in its light, wish with all might and pray to the heavens for just one more chance, of just one more night with those who have left us, here this night. Tides sway at its command, and our blood ebbs and flows with it and this moves our hearts. 

    On nights like this we stare up at the sky, as we reach for the moon, and dream of the day, but its not the day but the night that we crave and the moon that we live for. Nights like tonight, when we might be allowed to touch its heavenly light. Like a mother, she calls to us, and whispers our names. 

    On nights like these we howl at the moon, from the top of sand dunes and live in the glow she affords us.  We live for that night, to hold loved ones so dear, afraid that our nights will be shortened. Soon, all too soon the daylight arrives. as the moon slips away, to hide where the sun cannot find her.

    On nights like this we know who we are, but  wonder  how far and measure the miles in mere minutes. She knows all our dreams, as she knows all our names but grants them only when ever she favors. Still we'd follow her home if she gave us the chance, to look down on the world but just once.

    On nights like this we could make time stand still.

R. Sweat


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