Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Poetry / A Coastal Love Song

   Sitting on the edge of the world I find myself under a night sky dominated by a crescent moon that sits like a promise on the edge of the horizon, A tease she calls to me with the lure of adventure, and the promise of forbidden romance.
   Eyes closed, my body knows as the tide begins to shift from ebb high as it begins it's everlasting journey, from my back yard to the Atlantic and to all points on the compass.I feel a sense of loss as it slips away and I miss her already.
    Surf sounds to a rhythm as it meets and mates with the land in a dance as old as time itself, sharing its sirens song of love with anyone who will listen, beckoning, seducing for me to follow.
     Moist taste of the night air fills me, becomes part of me with every measured breath. Every gulp of air I take blends all that I am with all that I want to be. The salty world around me heavy on my palate. If the world had only one flavor, this would be it.
     Every wave sending the scent of promises kept and broken deep into the  Carolina night. Heavy with the musk of desire it moves my thoughts to wonder how many others have sat here on the edge of heaven and wondered if it could get any better.

            Nothing could be finer, than to,,,,,Well Y'all know the song....

                                                                                R. Sweat

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