Sunday, December 18, 2011

Poetry/ Lost In The Arms of Pawley's Angel

    Sunlight streaks across my face and brings me half way back from a reoccurring dream that I often have about the beach. I'm alone except the constant pounding of the surf on the sand . Sitting there as the warm summer breeze brings in the scent of salt from far away waters I feel content, at peace with both heaven and earth. I smile both in my dream and in the arms of Pawleys Angel.
     The Angel moves and sways beneath me in a motion that makes my mind flutter with the thoughts of a lovers embrace, tender yet strong, loving but always protecting. Quietly she whispers me back to sleep,,,,Shhhhhhh  she says softly, I've got you, all is right, all is good and for awhile I am  hers.
     People walk by and I feel their presence but I refuse to join them in the real world, the world of phones and bills and responsibilities.
The Angel is my home right now. Later yes maybe  later I will be an adult, but for  right now its just me and my hammock, me and my dreams, just lost in Pawley's Angel .


  1. I've read them all. Some even twice, but this time you completely outdid yourself. If only I could find that peace even in a dream. <3 Anne

    1. Thanks Patricia, those are kind words, I sent this one in to a Readers Digest contest,but it didn't fare so well. I guess their not hammock people:)

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