Thursday, January 12, 2012

Water Cycles

     As a kid, not unlike alot of southern boys I grew up in the water. From Easter to Halloween It's hard to think of a time when I wasn't bobbing around in some river,lake or ocean. Salt, brackish,fresh it didn't matter as long as it was wet. I was given my first boat at the age of 10, by 12 I was mapping out bream beds on lake Marion, and at 16 I was a regular on the Carolina Clipper as it made its way offshore to fish our portion of the the gulf stream, that great warm river that cuts its way through the Atlantic on its northbound journey
    I've heard it said that some people have salt water in their veins and I truly believe that's true, my wife might even tell you that I have pluff mud for a brain. Truth be told I've never lived more than 15 minutes from some body of water. Even in college my only requirement for choosing a school was that I could get to a beach within that same 15 minutes. As a bonus my schools mascot was a chambered nautilus (A Seashell). I guess that why we never had a football team,,,,go seashells!
      My dad taught me how to catch, clean and cook blue crab , fillet spot tail bass(redfish for the rest of the world),and the right way to hold and throw a cast net. He showed me how to spot the Rips, the breaks in sandbars and told  me why fish gathered there. These are but a few of the things that I have tried to pass along to my son. All these things you grow to love, but what you gain is a respect and love for the South Carolina lowcountry.
     I would dare anyone to sit on a Carolina beach on a late September afternoon  and not feel the pull of the tide on your thoughts, as the waves crash to the rhythm  of your heartbeat. The sea is like a long lost love, or chocolate to you ladies, if she ever gets inside you she will always own a portion of your soul. If you don't believe me pull up a beach chair, leave your watch, lose your shoes, and before you know it your smiling  and you wont even know why.

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